Miranda's Magic Mirror: History

Miranda's Magic Mirror is a multi-part play by Alan Ayckbourn written for audiences aged from three to eight years. It was premiered at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in 2004 on Saturday mornings throughout the summer season. Each part was self-contained so audiences did not have to visit every week to follow the continuing plot.

It is one of several plays written for this age group during the period 2002 - 2005 when he wrote one play for young people a year. The play has never been published but is available for production.

The plot concerns Miranda, who is extremely pretty. She knows she is because her best friend Tilly tells her she is. No wonder Miranda spends most of her time looking in the mirror. Until one day even Miranda's reflection gets just a little bit tired of it all and decides it needs a holiday. Now what is Miranda to do? How on Earth is she going to manage without her reflection?

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